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Lessons Learned
Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want
Method to the madness, or just madness? 
13th-Feb-2015 10:56 am
After believing for the last two years that my boss was the most idiotic nincompoop to ever be given a management job, I am beginning to wonder if he could be, in fact, a genius instead. Prior to his arrival the EHS department was a fractured snake pit of in-fighting factions that wouldn't work together no matter what the problem was, and bringing peace and cohesion to the group was his main task. Given his quickly apparent intellectual challenges we all figured that was a lost cause, but lately I've noticed that many of us are bonding with each other. Even I have sat and talked amiably with the person I despise most, DW himself, because no matter our other differences we are in complete agreement that we work for the most clueless fucking spineless jerk in the whole company. So did he really plan all along to have us all discover that the enemy of our enemy must be our friend and thus come together, even if it was with the single united purpose of getting rid of him? Such wisdom, such insight, such self-sacrificing nobility for the greater good?


14th-Feb-2015 11:57 am (UTC)
I think 'nah' probably sums it up
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